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Join one of our clinical studies in the UK or USA

Choose a region and you will see the different clinical studies that we are seeking volunteers for. 

Medicine Boxes

Gain access to quality medical care and medications 

For a better understanding of the common steps of clinical trial participation, here are the reasons to take part in a clinical trial.

As a clinical trial participant, you can expect to:


  • Positively impact the health of millions, including friends, family, and future generations

  • Improve and educate yourself about your own health

  • Gain access to quality medical care and medications not available through other means

  • Receive financial compensation for time and travel


Although each trial is different, there are many similar processes and steps to ensure your comfort and safety, and to ensure we are collecting the best information for the trial sponsor.

Choose the region and you will be brought into the website of our local site network with a list of studies now recruiting. The regions are UK and USA

Join a study in your country with the Bioluminux

For further information about participating in one of our clinical trial studies, please fill in the form below.

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